Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ted Baker - D&AD

As part of my competition project, I was asked to choose from a variety of briefs that I could then design and create. My choices were from The Rose Awards, D&AD Awards and The ISTD Awards. I decided on doing Ted Baker brief that was provided for by D&AD.

To begin, I had to do some instense research that would enable me to get a clearer idea on how I aim to advertise and promote Ted Baker. 

Now that I have researched into Ted Baker and it's competitors, I now have an idea on the route I wish to take to enable me to produce my final outcome. The brief suggested that I keep in sync with the whole British feel and I must try and emphasis this within my design. The idea I came up with was too use different slang from around the UK, this varied from Cockney, Yorkshire, Welsh, Geordie, Cornish and many more.  

Below are the final images that I have chosen to produce. This shows a a variety of different applications in which the posters can be applied. 

I have decided to apply the posters onto bus shelters, buildings, magazine spreads, inside shop interior and how it looks upto scale with someone holding. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Web Design

As part of my web design brief, I was asked to research into two existing websites and talk about their layout, design and overall concept of the site.

This was to give me an idea on what makes a website work and how I can adapt this to my own.

I chose to look into two very different websites as I felt it would be interesting to see how different designs can affect an audience.

The first website I looked at was a good example on how not to make a website. This was

Ed Nacional was the second website I looked at and is also the style of website I wish to create for my own personal website. 

To give me an even clearer idea on how other designers have created websites and also give me an idea on how I may wish to design my own. I have chosen to look at a few more websites.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Ville De L'amour

For this project, we were asked to create a whole new 'cool brand' based on VinX and Wine. I enable me to produce an elegent and interesting brand, I firstly had to research into wine and VinX itself and also existing wine bottles to see how they have been branded towards their target audience. 

Now that I have researched into Wine and how other designers have branded bottles, it has given me a vague idea on the route I wish to take when producing my final piece. 

When researching into different wine bottles, I particularly liked the traditional, simple bottle designs that are around today. I believe that if I went down this route but gave the design a quirky and alternative twist, I can provide that 'Cool Brands' Element to my bottle and wine. 

To give me a clearer on the idea that I wanted to create, I then had to begin designing a series of design concepts.

My first idea was to try and incorporate the VinX logo within my wine and use that as part of my brand. 

The above ideas demonstrate how I could incorporate the words 'Red' and meanings of it within my wine. This could have a sexy or angry approach, or be kept minimal by just using type.

I eventually decided to focus my wine on France and in particular, The City of Paris. To enable me to carry out further development and decide on a possible final outcome, I drew up a quick brainstorm on possible ideas that I could use to associate the wine with Paris and France. 

After deciding to base my idea on Paris, I chose to focus on pin point attractions that people would recognise such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triomphe. 

This meant it was time to further develop my ideas.

The first stage of development saw me produce a simple and traditional design. I chose to incorporate a silhouette of the Eiffel Tower as the main highlight of the bottle design. I decided to go with this example as I felt it's the most important and significant piece of architecture known to today and is instantly recognised as part of the city of Paris. 

To keep in the whole traditional look, I also opted for a Serif based text. 

However, I felt that the design wasn't going in the direction that I hoped, so I chose to further expand my ideas and produce a more modern yet simpler design.

For these designs I continued to use the image of the Eiffel Tower but also chose to place a skyline silhouette of Paris along the bottom of the bottle. I felt that by adding these images, I can already see how the bottle will look and is beginning to provide me with that modern approach that I am looking for.

I found that it would be good idea to align the label of the wine in the centre and towards the right. I believed that this also gave the bottle and wine a unique feel and is also more appealing on the eye.

Once again, I felt that my designs were going no where. So after looking back on my original idea, I chose to expand it by emphasising the Eiffel Tower. 

Paris is also known as the City of Love, so I thought it would be really interesting if I could associate this with my design. However, I found that the easiest option was to simply right the words 'City of Love' in French. This translated to 'Ville De L'amour. 

Displaying the Eiffel Tower on its own already provides the look that I wanted to go for, the simplicity of it makes it really elegant and quickly suggests that this wine was imported from France with some significance to Paris. 

I liked the idea of using a silhouette of the Paris skyline showing an array of attractions and buildings found within the city. By combining this onto my label I can give the audience a real insight as to what my design is about and give them a slight glimpse into the city. I still believed that I needed to have some reference to the Eiffel Tower. This is where I chose to integrate the Tower within the skyline image. 

These are my final designs for my bottle.

I have designed it so the label is cute out the shape of the Skyline making it blend in with the rest of the bottle. I also thought it would be a good idea to extend the skyline all the way around the label.

Overall I am happy with my design and believe that it has turned out the way that I hoped. If I were to make any improvments to my design, I would perhaps embed and emboss a 3D cut out of the Eiffel Tower onto the bottle.

The above images show examples of different brochure design and how each one has incorporated typography individually to create their own unique and modern twist. These are just some of the many example that I chose to look at to inspire me for my brochure design. 

The idea I have in mind is to create a fun, sexy and creative brochure making it appealing towards the target audience. 

Sleeve is wrapped around the gift set to provide an elegant approach. This can be slid off allowing you to then open the box. 

My final pieces for my wine boxes and gift sets.