Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ted Baker - D&AD

As part of my competition project, I was asked to choose from a variety of briefs that I could then design and create. My choices were from The Rose Awards, D&AD Awards and The ISTD Awards. I decided on doing Ted Baker brief that was provided for by D&AD.

To begin, I had to do some instense research that would enable me to get a clearer idea on how I aim to advertise and promote Ted Baker. 

Now that I have researched into Ted Baker and it's competitors, I now have an idea on the route I wish to take to enable me to produce my final outcome. The brief suggested that I keep in sync with the whole British feel and I must try and emphasis this within my design. The idea I came up with was too use different slang from around the UK, this varied from Cockney, Yorkshire, Welsh, Geordie, Cornish and many more.  

Below are the final images that I have chosen to produce. This shows a a variety of different applications in which the posters can be applied. 

I have decided to apply the posters onto bus shelters, buildings, magazine spreads, inside shop interior and how it looks upto scale with someone holding. 

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